Precision parts specialist

Exakt Fijnmechanika is a specialist manufacturer of precision mechanical parts for medical, defense and industrial purposes. Exakt, whenever accuracy is not precise enough.

About Exakt

Exakt Fijnmechanika produces precision mechanical parts to specification with extremely high precision. With 16 people working on our most Swiss CNC precision lathes, we work 24/7 on medium to very large series. With dimensions from around 0.1 mm and an accuracy from 1 µ, we are able to produce very precise and consistent. Exakt has a dedicated hypermodern measuring room with certified measuring setup and certified quality management system. Supported by statistical measurement data, agreed dimensions are guaranteed.

Exakt Fijnmechanika B.V.

Kelvinlaan 3
9207 JB Drachten

Office: +31 85 201 21 30



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