This is Exakt

At Exakt we have a number of core values that form the DNA of our organization. They are central to our working method and include not only what we do, but also how we do it.


Only experts in the field of precision engineering work at Exakt. Our operators know better than anyone how to set up the complex machines in our machine park, so that the machine makes exactly the same products for a long time. For example, they set up the machine so that the product is produced with the right material and under the right conditions, such as temperature and humidity. They are masters of the machine and are extremely specialized in producing precision mechanics.


The products we supply are extremely reliable. With us you can determine with which level of reliability you want us to deliver your products. We perform extensive checks on the number of products required, so that it can be said with certainty that your reliability requirements are met. We work up to a confidence interval of 100%. We measure very precisely, which allows us to work with extremely tight tolerances in terms of both absolute and relative dimensions, and of both surfaces and rounds.


Innovations within Exakt mainly take place in the field of work and around the machines. Of course we think along about processes, but it is mainly information that we innovate on. We are working on a machine park that brings together all process-critical data and relates it in a traceable way to products and batches. All machines will send information about prevailing measurements to our databases, where all data is stored. With the help of this statistical data, we can predict very precisely what the production result will be.


The dimensions of the products we supply are very consistent. Our employees work extremely accurately. This leads to a very stable product quality, which is extremely important for us and for our customers. We also think further ahead, and ensure that new products are and remain compatible with products that are years old.


Exakt products meet the highest requirements. Only precise is not exact enough for us. This is extremely important in the industries we work for. That is why we have had a quality management system for decades. The system includes procedures, traceability, management perspective and improvement measures. We work with the best equipment and experienced professionals, so that we can guarantee our quality at all times. Our quality management system is accredited by Lloyds Register according to ISO9001.


Contact with the customer is extremely important to us. We do our utmost to ensure that we can meet the wishes of the customer, and we also like to actively participate. We believe that it is not only our job to make products, but also to develop new and better solutions.